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5 Fun Activities To Commemorate National Day

By: :Johan Lim 0 comments
5 Fun Activities To Commemorate National Day

It’s that time of the year again! Our awaited National Day is finally here, calling for a celebration. We have indeed come a long way and as proud citizens of Singapore, it’s only fair that we participate in some fun activities to celebrate the joyous day. 

Whether it be with your best friends, colleagues or even family members, you’re bound to join in on some national day festivities - or perhaps even host one of your own. Looking to participate in some fun activities to do for this year’s National Day? Read further for 5 fun ideas to bring out your national pride!

1. Become a tourist and take a day trip

As a native of Singapore, it’s natural to think that we know our landmarks. When it comes to knowing our nation better, sometimes it’s good to put in some time to really see what it has to offer. From the landmarks to the secret spots loved by locals, it won’t hurt to go around the city to rediscover the nation! Go on the cable car or pick out some of the most favorite and must-see locations for you to visit and be a tourist for a day (and your own guide!) for some national pride celebration.

2. Have a picnic

Picnics are underrated and it’s always a great day for a picnic (exception: rainy days)! Think of it as a refreshing activity from your super hectic day-to-day life to enjoy some snacks and wholesome activities with great views of the city. National Day is always a festive day - so a picnic with a backdrop of a joyful city will always be a good time. In the mood for a relaxing picnic? Bring your headphones, a good book and a yummy range of finger foods to enjoy the day surrounded by fresh air. 

3. Host a lunch/dinner party, National themed!

If you’re feeling extra festive this National Day, then hosting a national themed lunch or dinner party is a great choice for you! People love gatherings and celebrations, and this special day is just another wonderful opportunity to get your party mood on. Have your invitees dress up with your national colors and wear them proudly - be creative!

No time to cook and serve food on your own? We’ve got you covered! BellyGood offers delicious menus and packages for you to select from for any and every occasion. From your buffets to frozen goods, BellyGood is always ready to cater to your occasion. Consider our Celebratory Party Set for delectable dishes to serve at your party. Check out the Local Set for local favorites such as the Chicken Ngoh Hiang with Sweet Sauce for the ultimate National Day feast!

4. A festive gathering at work

Commemorating National’s Day with your coworkers can be just as fun - with the right stuff! Day off or not, the day calls for a celebration and what better way to celebrate than eating flavoursome meals? Order in some good food for a national feast with your colleagues and watch their spirits be lifted. For an even better option, consider BellyGood’s Corporate Asian Bento Sets for a delicious meal with your office buddies. Available to order for 30 sets or more, these bentos make fun meals for a day of celebration at work! 

5. Watch some good ol’ fireworks! 

Whichever activity you choose for the day, we recommend for you to top it off and end the day with exciting fireworks! As fireworks are a must for most celebrations, it’s even more exciting on National’s Day. Watch as our beautiful city is lit with beautiful fireworks for a truly festive night. Gather with fellow citizens to remember what brings the nation together embraced by a glorious show of fireworks. 

BellyGood is definitely excited for this year’s National Day celebration. Despite the challenging times that have been faced globally, our nation is in harmony and peace - and for that, we should be ever so grateful. Express your gratitude through festive activities and celebrations. Whether it be with your friends or coworkers, it’s always a great time for a party and feasts - the nation loves good food! For various assortments of cuisine and dishes, BellyGood features yummy food options for you to choose from - perfect for any celebration. And with that, we wish you a very happy National’s Day! 

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