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All our central kitchens are Intertek certified, ensuring our products and services meet all trusted external and internal standards of credibility.




S5 Programme

Our 5S Programme, short for Sort, Systematise, Shine, Standardise and Self-Discipline, is a systematic programme that we follow to achieve cleanliness and standardisation in the workplace. It aims to drive productivity through operational efficiency and effective space utilisation.

The Restaurant Association of Singapore (“RAS”) is the main training provider for 5S in the Food and Beverage (“F&B”) industry. There are currently five (5) 5S auditors in the Group. Each of our restaurants is managed by a 5S-certified senior general manager and staffed with 5S-trained personnel, making every Tung Lok outlet 5S-compliant (4) with 12 outlets being 5S certified.

Sustainable Packaging

We take responsibility in our environmental initiatives by utilising Biopak technology and biodegradable wares. Using eco-friendly materials to package our food, cutleries and serviettes, BellyGood is committed to reducing unrecyclable waste.

Food Safety Management System

FSMS is a preventive approach towards identifying, preventing, and reducing food-borne hazards. This ensures that food prepared is hygienic and safe for consumption. A well-designed FSMS with appropriate control measures can help food establishments with catering licenses to comply with food hygiene regulations. All food caterers are required to submit a proper Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) based FSMS with reference to the Singapore Standard SS583:2013 (5) as the basic guide.

Food Certificates Safety Standards

Annual HACCP audit ensures that the Group consistently maintains the highest standards for food safety and hygiene.

All our central kitchens are Intertek certified, ensuring our products and services meet all trusted external and internal standards of credibility..

All our restaurants have achieved Grade “A” certification from the Singapore Food Agency (“SFA”) for good personal and food hygiene, and housekeeping standards.

Both our central kitchens have attained Grade “A” license from the SFA for good manufacturing practices and proper food safety systems.

Other Safety Measures

Food Safety Protocol

All of the chefs and food handlers are required to attend food safety training as part of their mandatory training.

Covid-19 Regulations

All front-liners are required to adhere to the additional requirements stipulated under COVID-19 (Temporary Measures) (Control Order Regulations 2020 and must wear masks properly when engaged in the preparation and sale of food & drink.

Hygiene Maintenance

All of the front-liners are consistently maintain health and personal hygiene and ensure the cleanliness and orderliness of their workstation while adhere strictly to the Sanitation & Hygiene Advisory.

Food Warmer Technology

Food warmers with capacity exceeding 7,500 units are used during delivery so that food safety standards are not compromised.

Shelf Life Management

Items with new ingredients used are sent for third party laboratory testing before launch to determine their shelf life.

Outlet Inspection

Outlet inspections will be periodically conducted by our Quality Assurance Department to ensure compliance with relevant food-safety regulatory requirements.