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5 Frequently Asked Questions About Food Services

By: :Johan Lim 0 comments
5 Frequently Asked Questions About Food Services

Some of you might be familiar with the term and others may not be. Reasonably, people often conclude that food services and catering are the same thing. Although both services cater food, food services differ from catering in a number of ways. So, before you go ahead and choose the “right” type of catering service, here are 5 of the most commonly asked questions about food services:

1. What exactly are food services?

Food service is a large food industry that deals with and prepares food for any event outside the home. With professionally trained individuals, people within the industry are great helping hands for coordinating and preparing food for events. In addition to providing storage, preparing and serving dishes, food services also dispose of food after consumption in events. 

2. How are they different from regular catering?

Typically, catering services provide food for smaller scale events, whereas food services cater food to larger institutions. Food services supply food to numerous large organisations while also providing the equipment necessary for a convenient catering experience. 

3. Who do they serve?

As an essential part of the hospitality industry, food services provide a catering solution to large institutions and supply food to F&B establishments. Specifically, food services cater to:

  • Childcare Centres - Government Offices

  • Retirement Homes - Cookhouses

  • Day Care Centres - Beverage-Focused Venues

  • Hostels - Hotels

  • Dormitories

  • Local & Private Institutions

  • Hospitals

4. What types of food services are there?

Similarly to regular catering, food services also come in different types. The following are the most common types of food services and how it differs from one to the other:


A.) Conventional:

This is the most common type of service in which food is prepared on-site and distributed directly to the serving area such as cafeterias and dining rooms. The conventional food service is a favorite due to the freshness and preparation method executed on-site. 

B.) Commissary/Centralised:

This means that the food is prepared in a central kitchen, which is then distributed to several outlets or restaurants. Once on-site, the delivered food is then further prepared before serving. This service provides efficiency for customers as they manage as well as transport food to the desired venue. 

C.) Cook-chill:

As the term speaks for itself, chefs prepare quality food which is then chilled or frozen and is easily reheated on-site. This ready-to-heat type of food service is great for multiple-day events requiring a large number of food production as it requires minimum time and effort for serving large groups.

D.) Assembly/Serve:

Primarily used for healthcare institutions, hospitals and occasionally restaurants, the food served with this service usually goes through a maximum degree of processing. As a result, very little preparation time is required to finalise and serve the food making it an ideal type of food service for institutions serving mass individuals.

5. What do they serve?

Food services usually offer a variety of menus of delectable food options to suit your liking. At BellyGood, we provide a one-stop Halal catering solution to meet the needs of any organisational events. From mass cafe-concept catering to supporting F&B establishments looking to elevate their food menus, our menus are specially designed according to your needs and requirements.

For buffet-style dining, butler-served canapés, and specialty live cooking stations, you can expect perfectly customised food menus for any setting of your choice. Our food menus at BellyGood are offered in flavoursome delicacies of both local and international origins, prepared by world-class professional chefs. 

Although similar, food services deal with larger institutions compared to those served by regular catering. Food services bring catering to a whole other level and are optimal for long-term and recurring contracts.

 With BellyGood Food Services, we save you a great deal of time and work as we design quality menu concepts, provide essential equipment and skilled human resources to suit your requirements. Refer to our website for detailed information regarding our food services and let us be the solution to your catering needs.

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